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SentinelOne Singularity XDR

The Future of Cybersecurity is Autonomous

Today’s cyber attackers move fast. Fast enough that 1-10-60 has become an obsolete model for effective detection, investigation, and response. Singularity XDR is the only cybersecurity platform empowering modern enterprises to take autonomous, real-time action with greater visibility of their dynamic attack surface and cross-platform security analytics.

Stops Breaches Faster Than Any Human Could
Responds At Machine Speed Without Human Intervention

  • SEE

    Maximize visibility across every corner
    of the enterprise


    Protection coverage,
    protect with unrivaled speed, coverage and efficiency


    Automate response
    across the entire connected security ecosystem

SentinelOne Singularity XDR takes the next leap in the evolution of EDR. Extend beyond the endpoint with end-to-end enterprise visibility, endpoint protection, and incident response.



Intuitive SaaS Management Platform With Customizable Functions To Serve All Needs

Flexible Architecture

Highly Customizable Access Control
With Multiple Roles

Data Retention

365-day Threat Details Retention

One Platform

SaaS Platform
Highly Accessable

Storyline Correlation

Dashboard Overview
Quick Visual

Marketplace Integration

Singularity Marketplace
Integration with Third-Party Apps

Threat Intel Integration

Collerattion between
SentinelOne Intel &
MITRE ATT&CK® Framework

Alerts & Syslogs

Sent by E-mail Or Syslogs
Customize Alert Methods

Multi-Factor Authentication

Log-In Authentication Methods
Including: SSO、MFA、RBAC

API Integration

API Integration
Provides over 340 Functions

Endpoint Protection

Move on from legacy AV

Establish an endpoint security bedrock for your enterprise.

IT OPS Hygiene

Agument your team with holistic suite management features and flexible options.

Network & Device Control on top of all NGAV and EPP functions

Security Operations

One Agent for Consolidated Cybersecurity

More capability with less complexity. Bring Together best-in-class EPP & EDR in one agent, one platform.

SentinelOne License

SentinelOne Singularity License Information

Singularity Core is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage cloud-native NGAVand EPP.
Establish an endpoint security bedrock for your enterprise.
Today's Organizations should expect more From NGAV; Singularity Core delivers:

  • NGAV & Behavioal AI Prevention - protects against ransomware, known and unknown malware, trojans, and living-off-the-land attacks.
  • Incident Forensics & Reporting - quickly orients analysts about wha happened, when it happened, and who was affected.
  • 1-Click Remediation & Recovery - automates threat resolution to reduce administrative workload.

ingularity Control empowers your enterprise with best-of-brand cybersecurity and native suite features:

  • Control networl Flows - centralizes and customizes policy-based control with hierarchical inheritance.
  • Control USB & Bluetooth - enables granular device control for USB and Bluetooth on Windows and macOS.
  • Ensures 100% Deployment - rogue device discovery identifies any rogue endpoints that are not yet protected by SentinelOne.

Achieve greater cross-surface visibility and take action in real time with one agent for automated, enterprise-grade prevention, detection, response, and hunt across endpoint, cloud, and identity.

Singularity Complete reduces alert fatigue and manual triage for SOC & IT analysts by automatically correlating telemetry and mapping it to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

  • Storyline creates context in real time: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Kubenetes cloud-native workloads.
  • Storyline Active Response™ (STAR) keeps a constant watch for noteworthy events.
  • High performance, industry leading historical EDR data retention for up to 3 years of visibility.
  • Easy pivoting and hunting with 100’s of available MITRE ATT&CK® tactics and techniques.

The World's Leading and Largest
Enterprises Trust SentinelOne

Including 3 of the Fortune 10 and hundreds of the global 2000
Trusted By Leading IT Experts

24x7 Managed Detection & Response

Call for backup with Vigilance Respond, SentinelOne's global Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. Vigilance Respond enlists our in-house experts to review, act upon, and document every product-identified threat.

Vigilance Respond relies on machine-speed technology run by dedicated analysts to adapt to today’s threat landscape.

  • Monitor 24x7x365 for changes to your environment, and are prepared to respond.
  • Add human context to Storyline™ technology, saving even more time.
  • Every identified threat in your environment is reviewed, documented, and incorporated.

Respond Pro augments the fastest MDR on the planet with world-class investigation and response

  • Security Assessment
  • Digital Forensics Investigation & Malware Analysis